Sunday, November 21, 2010 much for my overly-eager hope of posting everyday :)

As much as veganism is incredibly important to me, I've realized that I'm not really a "foodie" at all. Yes, I absolutely enjoy food; however, I never really crave any exciting dishes to whip up. I frequently do experience Korean food cravings, which I suppose I am lazy about cooking. Yet, my excuse is that after a loooong day of teaching (and then filled with studying, various classes, etc. of my own), the last thing that ignites any interest is cooking.

What vegan foods have filled me since my last posting on Tuesday?? The same exact ones that filled me the previous week. I know, I know... borrrrring. I can not keep filling my blog with food posts about sweet potatoes, chestnuts, apples/pears, and my spinach/broccoli combo for the rest of the month.

However, Saturday night I was able to include a few things that aren't on my current rotation list.

The amazing day began with my yoga classes (obviously I don't practice at Tom & Tom's... look up)!!

Then I treated myself to getting my hair/make-up done (something I NEVER do.. AND one of the women who works here decided that she is my friend. Therefore, I received absolutely royal treatment at a ridiculously low cost!!).
* pic*

Finally I was whisked away to the COEX Intercontinental Hotel for a splendid three hours at an all you can drink/eat wine buffet. I will be honest and say that I used to enjoy wine (probably a little too much...hehe); however, now.. I really don't enjoy drinking at all (especially when I had first learned that MANY wines are NOT VEGAN!! I shall dedicate this for a later post...) (1). The company and atmosphere were both particularly lovely, but after only drinking a little over two glasses... I experienced the WORST day long headache.

I had prematurely decided that there wouldn't be any vegan options available, but I was proved very wrong!

There is always water, right? ha. I remember when I had only lived in Seoul for a couple of months... there were MANY meals of just water, rice, and soy sauce. It makes me smile when I think about my early days here (but...I also wince a little at how quickly the time has raced by). I CONSTANTLY get asked the question of, "Is it hard to be vegan in Korea?"...

My answer? Not at all. Surely it is hard if you *have* to eat things like veganized junk food, "food" that has been designed to act like and/or to taste similarly meat. Yet, if you simply take the time to learn about the food and culture, it is incredibly easy to enjoy the AMAZING cuisine offered.

(Note: The pic of my water bottle is EMPTY! I downed this 2L BEFORE even having a sip of wine, and I STILL was plagued by a headache...geesh. Full-out grandma-ness.)

I munched on these for the entire three hours (hmm...maybe I got a headache because all that I consumed were veggies dipped in samjjang (a delicious sauce/paste/dip(?) that is quite savory)...

Finally the evening had whittled itself down to the remaining 30 min, or AKA as fillyourglassesASAPdrinkandrefillpileonthefood time. Our group then ventured to a singing room, and little miss Grandma Patty took off early so that I could catch the subway home (I have not one, but TWO good excuses for being a Grandma: I had to meet my boss and a co-worker EARLY for coffee, AND I had a yoga class). Saturday night success?? Yes.



Lenka said...

Hi :) Are you the girl I talked to on Saturday in Honest Loving Hut?

Islaborg said...

Patty, I miss reading your blog! You should post again, it doesn't have to be about food all the time, I'm sure living abroad should make for some interesting posts. :)

Anonymous said...
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