Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the ultimate procrastination station...

The title of this blog post is (unfortunately) probably the best way to describe my blog. Actually, I feel that I shouldn't even be able to call this blog address a real blog due to my lack of posts.


January-schmanuary, I have deemed November as a personal month of new resolutions and change!! The first month of the new year is cliche anyways, right?? Hordes of people claim "New Year Resolutions," but I shall take a self-changing/improving/motivated stand (translate: sitting at my desk and completing preventative carpal-tunal syndrome exercises) to make the most the dwindling year.

Patty's End of the Year Resolution(s)...ready, set, GO!

I am going to commit to an ENTIRE month of posting EVERY DAY!!!

November 3, 2010

Hmm...what was my reason? What prompted me??

The official 2010 Vegan Month of Food!!!

(Check out all of the mofo-info here:

Therefore as my 3rd act of New-leaf November (11/01-I completed back-to-back Bikram yoga classes and 11/02, I began an organizing rampage!! woooOOooOooo), I am committing to a writing a new blog post




(even if I possibly missed the official Vegan Mofo sign-up).

Everyday... I will let the world (well, probably just the few who randomly visit my blog..) in on my strange little food concoctions that are fast, easy, and as many Koreans would say, "good for your health..". Others will fill their vegan blogs with elaborate and comforting vegan cookies, cakes, curries-the ultimate assortment of veganized cuisine. BUT.. here on this little beanstalk (hopefully you caught the pun....) (1) will be growing an appreciation of food eaten simply (or.. maybe I'm just trying to justify my cooking laziness...).

Starting with my dinner last night:

I know, borrrring. BUT.. my stomach stays full and happy enjoying my ridiculously simple meal. an added bonus, these sweet, golden-y, lil' beauties are high in fiber, and they are a moderate source of Vitamin C, K, and E.

Dinner tonight?? A few bunches of fresh broccoli, chopped, and sprinkled with a little balsamic vinegar/hot pepper powder/cumin mix (I should also mention that while I enjoy keeping my meals simple, I get stuck in ruts. My veggies and salads have been feeling this spice mix for a good 2-3 months!!) Then, I finished my delicious dinner with another asian pear (I've gone a little pear crazy lately..hence the rut).

Have a Happy Veganbloggingtastic Month!!!

1) It probably is a pretty awful stretch being that I have to mention my own attempt at a pun.

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