Monday, November 8, 2010

Ok.. so this post is a product of my laziness.

I was planning to get a fun little pic or two of my school lunch adventures (have I mentioned that I teach English to small children??), and then blog about the surprisingly many vegan options that our chef offers to us. However, instead of posting just one or two pics... I am going to save this idea for a later post (I have the entire month, right?) in order to offer better lunch time viewing options!!

For today, enjoy a few pictures astounding Bukhansan beauty:

I wish I could say that I took this picture. Remember HKG that made an appearance in a previous post (SHHH!! SECRET!)?? He is the photographer.

Patty and Jin-Young. I'm assuming that she is telling me to go faster: Patty=cautious little turtle.

This hike was completed over 추석 (pronounced: Chuseok), which is a three-day holiday similar to Thanksgiving.

I know this post has nothing to do with food (note the previous mention of my mofo-laziness), but I'm proud of myself that I have continued to post EVERY DAY!!

Tomorrow... back to more mofo marvels...


Islaborg said...

You should have posted a bonus photo of HKG! Tisk tisk, way to go! ;)

patty and the beanstalk said...

Hehe... I do have one!! But.. he will remain nameless and faceless!!!! mwahahaha...