Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little bit of homesickness...

This morning while enjoying a sturdy cup of freshly pressed coffee, I came across a Mofo-er who is blogging about her vegan traveling adventures.

Hungry Vegan Traveler

Her latest post smacked me in the face with a heavy helping of homesickness...

While she is venturing on a road-trip 'round the states, one of her recent posts is about stopping in Nashville. Normally I am not too affected from being homesick; however, when it does hit me, my heart feels as though it has been stung by a bee.

For almost two years I have happily lived on the little peninsula of South Korea. Being in Asia has completely transformed me. This entire blog could even be solely dedicated to my Asian transformation; however, this month it has pledged to be vegan.

Nashville is not my hometown; I was born a mid-westerner from the great state of Ohio. Yet after a year of trying to transition out of the college lifestyle, I was lead south.

I do not intend on making Music City my home ever again, but it will always hold a little real estate in my heart.

(I can't seem to write anything without being long winded...)


I became vegan when I was living in Nashville.

While being away from home, I first experienced cravings for certain foods that I have been unable to have while being here. Now, I rarely (if at all..) miss anything. When I lived stateside, I worked for Whole Foods and had unlimited access to the newest and trendiest "vegan" food available. My diet practically subsisted from Lara Bars, fresh wheatgrass shots, any kind of locally roasted coffee I desired, creative and conveniently available raw food delights, a wide assortment of raw nuts, and other veganized junk food (which now..I can't even believe I consumed so much of. gross).

At first, I wanted Chipotle (well...maybe sometimes I still think about Chipotle..hehe), a peanut-butter cookie Lara Bar, one of Tom's (*sigh* a Whole Foods juice bar juicer and produce chopper aficionado) smoothies, or a PM (local restaurant) veggie burger.

Now? My tummy craves sweet potatoes, acorn squash, spinach mixed simply with red pepper and balsamic vinegar, K-bean-sprout soup (kong na-mul guk), Bi bim bap (veggies mixed with rice), Spicy bean-paste soup (dwenjjung jiggae), super-sticky, multi-grained rice, fresh fruits, and a hot cup of barley tea.

Until today...

Little Miss Happy V Traveler wrote about a few streets and restaurants that kindled warm memories. She included a few newcomers since I've lived there, but I can clearly picture the streets that they sit on...and all of the happy hearts surrounding them.

Amidst the wide collection of restaurants offering anything from gourmet cupcakes to fried oreos to legendary pancakes, there are a handful of places that make the Nash quite vegan friendly.

One place happens to be a small square of Heaven...

I've never been a big fan of ice cream, BUT.. I LOVE POPSICLES!!!!!!!

Fresh fruit crushed and blended into an icy delicacy on a stick? Yes, please (1)

Pineapple was my fav (on a rotation of course...).

"Yes I guarantee, things are sweeter in Tennessee..."

At least, I feel that that lyric holds true when concerning the likes of popsicles.

(1) I know I've been such a photo thief. BUT.. this pics are not from other bloggers. They are from Nashville publications so by swiping them, I think I am just promoting a Nashville business (excuses..excuses...). Although since I have been an excellent little blogger (blogging away every day...I'm so proud of myself), I have been motivated to start carrying my camera with me. More pictures on the way...

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