Wednesday, November 10, 2010

However, I am well-experienced in accepting defeat in the Battle of the Broken French Press. It was a hard walk home, but I'm pleased to say that my recovery has left me better off.

I know, I know... Vegan Mofo is supposed to be about a month of FOOD, but since my monthly menu is proving to be quite mundane, I'm trying to be a little creative. If you are reading my blog, I'm assuming that you are an advocate for the vegan lifestyle (or..perhaps just enjoy food). The majority of vegans whom I have interacted with are damn good cooks; damn good cooks like gadgets, right?

My recent gadget purchase resulted from an initial bad buy.

The Bonjour Unbreakable
Three-cup French Press

Result: FAIL!

I only purchased this little guy out of convenience. Plugging in an order of deliciously magical Yerba Mate tea from Guayaki (which I will blog about later...), I viewed the option to buy this French Press thinking it would save me time and a little money.

Yes, he did his job well for about two months: happily providing pressed coffee or tea every morning. Until... he decided to quit without providing any sort of a notice.

Mr. Unbreakable broke my coffee-pressin' heart.

The spontaneous break-up had nothing to do with the glass carafe but the actual press. Without any extra stress or nagging, a primary piece from the inside plastic holder chipped off. Writing that it was a "chip" is really just sugar-coating that he became completely useless.

It was a sad morning.

A very sad, uncaffeinated morning(1)...
(On a side note, being the savvy ESL teacher that I am (ha!)...I am curious if the word uncaffeinated is grammatically ok to use in this context. It is my understanding that the word decaffeinated is referring to the actual extracting of caffeine. But.. it doesn't sound right because I can't-correctly speaking- extract caffeine from the morning, just the coffee itself. Therefore the prefix un, meaning the opposite of something, seems to be a better choice. Please... I would LOVE to be corrected. I can't find a well-supported answer.)

The rebound that is turning into Mr. Longterm:

The Bodum Kenya Coffee French Press

Unfortunately, I am a notorious impulse buyer. I was in a coffee shop, locked eyes with this attractive fellow, and somehow ended up taking him home for the night. The following morning, he made me breakfast.

I fell in love.

If you happen to be a French pressing fanatic such as me, I definitely recommend Bodum products. I should have known better (based on stellar reviews from caffeine-junky friends) and initially purchased from the Bodum company. The pot (so far..) hasn't allowed for any grind shenanigans to sneak their way into the drinkable portion of the pressed coffee, and it seems quite sturdy in comparison with the Bonjour.

If this blog entry makes a difference in even one person's potential uncaffeinated (ugh..decaffeinated??) morning, I feel that this blog entry has truly served its purpose.


Islaborg said...

A french press has been on my wishlist for a while, one of these day's I'm going to get one, ha!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

We just got a bodum a couple of weeks ago, our first experience with a french press. It was love at first sip!