Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Bunch of BS

Sooo...I took a little hiatus from blogging daily...

BUT... I've still been writing waaay more than I have EVER done in the past. Therefore, I feel good about my posting frequency :).

This weekend, I felt like I didn't have any down time... except on Friday night when I came home from school and absolutely crashed!! I love when you lay your head on your pillow, and sleep immediately finds you.

On Saturday night and Sunday night, I made my current favorite salad...which I have affectionately named:

A Bunch of BS.

It is a broccoli/spinach I think the name is fitting :)

(I apologize for the icky pictures-my good camera was void of a charged battery AND my apartment has awesome fluorescent lighting...)

-As much spinach as you can stuff yourself with
-As much broccoli as your tummy is hungry for
-Balsamic Vinegar, to taste
-Cumin, to taste
-Korean chilli-powder powder, to taste (it is called gochu-garu
-A pinch of minced garlic

This salad is ridiculously easy to make, and it is
great for people who want something super healthy,
super fast!

-Wash the broccoli and spinach
-Chop away into desired bite-size chunks
-Mix in the desired amount of minced garlic
(I do recommend going easy on the garlic as it can
take away from the taste of the balsamic...)
-Sprinkle in the desired amount Korean
chilli-powder and toss
-Sprinkle in the desired amount of cumin
and toss
-Top the salad with the desired amount of
Balsamic Vinegar and toss
-Enjoy a spicy, tangy, bunch of bs!!

Mmm.... just thinking about it makes my mouth water!! Maybe it will be tonight's dinner as well...


Islaborg said...

Sounds good! I never had broccoli raw before, does that actually taste...good? :))

patty and the beanstalk said...

I LOOOVE raw broccoli!! Hehe.. I actually had it again for dinner!!! Perhaps it may take some getting used to?? Often it seems that it is a little harsh on people's digestion, but I feel that most vegans have power stomachs from all of the produce we consume!!!

I eat most of my fruits and veggies raw maybe my taste buds crave strange things now??

At least you can't go wrong... if you end up not liking it, throw it in the steamer!! :)