Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Apple-Cider Vinegar

Through blogging everyday, I have starkly realized that my veganhood is as culinarily interesting as a university engineering student. It isn't that I was unaware of my simple, quick, and convenient eating style, I just never fully scrutinized what I ate-just what it was made up of.

I do love food, but I am more so fascinated with how such small, daily choices can largely impact our world, body, heart, and mind. Therefore every time that I eat, I sincerely make an attempt to really listen to my body and hear what it is truly craving.

For example: I'll be teaching a class and suddenly I'll get blindsided by an overpowering craving for grapefruit.

Yes, grapefruit.

Hmm... my body is probably saying, "You need to protect your lil' vegan ass from these germ-shellacked kiddos. More vitamin C puuuhhhleeezzzz..."

Often I'll view some pretty intoxicating vegan food porn, and while it usually appeals to my eyes or briefly my stomach, I usually don't feel any lasting craving towards it (I think this could also apply to many other cravings in life...).

In light of my boring palate, today's blog is dedicated to a vegan product that I consume constantly:


Alone, I think this stuff tastes like how an unwashed hiking sock would smell...sickening. However, mixed with fresh juice, honey, or other fruit-vinegar-ish type liquids (which is how I take it), it has an addicting slightly sweet, sour-apple flavor.

There are many companies that sell ACV, but I use the Braggs' brand. If you can purchase it from a store, it is quite inexpensive. However, I have to get mine shipped here through a special vitamin company.

According to the Braggs (Naturopathic doctors and loooong time health crusaders), ACV contains a wealth of nutritional benefits.

You can check out a little video and extra info here:


Before moving to Korea, I worked at Whole Foods. At the cash register, I would frequently see bouncy, glowing, shiny, happy people purchasing ACV by the gallon. Since I'm nosy, I would always ask if the promised health benefits were fulfilled. EVERY customer was always eager to share his or her personal, life changing testimonial with me.

At that time, I was still skeptical of any "magic potion" and tried to focus my diet on strictly raw foods (although, Braggs' vinegar claims to be raw...). It wasn't until almost a year ago when a friend recommended that I tried it for my frustratingly blemish-prone skin. I wish that I could write that it is the best skin clearing agent available, but I've only noticed a little improvement (but.. better than nothing, right??).

I primarily take it for its internal healing properties.

Everyday I must stand before a well-conditioned and finely tuned fleet of highly-powered, small children. These little tanks bombard me with the utmost sophisticated ammunition: boogers.
The naturally occurring Malic Acid in the vinegar gives it anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-child properties. Despite my increasing insomnia, I have (*crossing fingers and knocking on wood*) been able to fend off sickness like a champion.

ACV is also supposed to help increase flexibility and strength in joints and tendons. In high-school, I had a minor knee accident, (perhaps one day I'll write of the heroic and fantastical tale...) and I try in any way that I can to give my left knee a little extra help.

(Also, I have an ardent desire to one day teach yoga and continue rock-climbing.... the joints must stay happy)

I definitely recommend this product. If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can use it topically on your scalp, skin, or to even clean with!


Jaime said...

I love apple-cider vinegar. And I haven't even experimented with all of it's possible uses yet.

Dan said...

As the owner of frequently unwashed hiking socks and a shiny, happy apple cider vinegar person, I loved this post! And I like the down to earth advice.

Apple cider vinegar definitely does offer relief from an extensive list of conditions while also promoting weight loss and increasing your daily supply of energy, and it does so not by being any sort of magic bullet but simply by reinforcing the body’s own processes. The body is a remarkable thing, capable of building and repairing itself almost indefinitely. Unfortunately, our diets and habits don’t offer the body the nutrition and movement it needs to work optimally.

Apple cider vinegar works to increase digestive efficiency, the flow of nutrition and waste throughout and out of the body, and the potency of all the body’s circulatory, digestive, immune, excretory, and other systems.

I hope it continues to work for you.

Daniel P. Kray
Author, “Apple Cider Vinegar: A Modern Folk Remedy” available from major retailers through Earth Clinic.

patty and the beanstalk said...

WooOOooOO....I get SOOO excited to see comments!! :) haha. It's all about the little things, right??

@Jaime~ Have you made salad dressing with it?? Ahh.. it gives your greens a solid punch! Try it!! Love it!! Tell me about it!!! :)

@Dan~I couldn't agree with you more!!! I ABSOLUTELY don't think that it is a cure-all, but I luuvvv how it has aided my immune system!!!

Islaborg said...

I like your idea of putting it in juice! I tried to consume ACD regularly last year, but eventually stopped because the taste was just too much, no matter how much water I put it in. I'm not really someone who buys juice a lot, but I'll give it a try next time! :)

Islaborg said...

I meant ACV, of course. :)