Friday, November 5, 2010


It is refreshing to reach the end of the week, but simultaneously, I have begun to find it a little bit creepy in how quickly the weeks have been passing.

Hmm... What is with this speedy-week witchcraft??

I remember something my grandfather said to me when I was a little girl:

"Patty, the days always seem so long, yet the years will quickly escape you..."

My grandfather, in all of his wise grandfatherness, was (and still is) correct. Small children can frequently make for over-stuffed minutes and fattened hours. However, the past year and a half replays in my mind as quickly as a cartoon flip-book tells a story.

(Dramatic pause for a moment of reflection...)

SOOO.. onward with the mofoing...

What was tantalizing and fascinating that entered my vegan tummy today??

I want to say my favorite food item was 1/2 of the soft, almost gooey, highly-sweetastic sweet potato that my co-worker so kindly shared with me, but.. since yesterday's topic included potatoes, I will write about another fall time favorite of mine:


(Of course my chestnut picture is disagreeing with me about becoming famous, but I will try to get a new pic tomorrow-hehe.. I will be in an area of Seoul where I know an old woman who sells them!!!)

As with sweet potatoes, my favorite way to enjoy these little guys is paired with an Americano or French Pressed coffee (my coffee snobbery will surely make its appearance soon..). Often on Saturdays or Sundays after my yoga class, I will purchase a little bag of them, choose one of the ridiculously abundant coffee shops in Apgujeong (압구정), crack open my current reading selection, or share them with whomever I'm with.

If you have never been enchanted by a chestnut eating experience, I suggest that you get ahold of some pronto!! They can be enjoyed a variety of ways (from steaming, pounding into flour for baking, they can be made into a similar soy milk-ish drink, or included in many dishes), but my FAVORITE way to enjoy them is (of course) simply roasted by themselves.

While every time I have eaten chestnuts they have been unsweetened, roasting them offers a dulcified, slightly chewy, smoky flavor. The mild sweetness that evolves is a perfect mate for the acidity of coffee...

Tomorrow, I will be attending my friend's wedding, and she repeatedly told me of the mass quantity of vegetables that will grace the buffet!!!

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Islaborg said...

Chestnuts and coffee sound devine! I must admit I always go the lazy route and buy the peeled, vacuum-packed chestnuts.. I can't be bothered to rost and peel them myself.

Yeah, I can only imagine! Dogs make the best flat mates, but they do require a lot of attention, especially when they're still young and full of energy. My 'pup' is actually 11 years old, but she's still working those puppy eyes.

It's great that everyone seems to be so considerate of you, have fun at your friend's wedding tomorrow!