Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How is it Thanksgiving all ready? I can clearly remember last year:

I bumbled down the sidewalk, gazing at all of the Christmas decorations adorning the historic Victorian houses. A door creaked open at one house in particular, and a stream of children poured out onto the front lawn. My heart was instantly thumped backwards and filled me with memories of my cousins and family through various holidays. As I breathed in a swirl of cinnamon, green beans, and other Thanksgiving delicacies, I was sad.

Very sad, actually.

Being only a mere eight hours from home, I missed my family.


I am eager to spend the evening with Canadians and Koreans. Certainly I miss my family, and every once in awhile, I still get deeply nostalgic over Nashville (hence my previous post).

But...I have come to absolutely love Korea. This year, I don't have any sadness, but I'm filled with true thankfulness of where my life presently is. I'm surrounded by amazing people who I get to spend quality time with every weekend, I have an awesome job, a stellar apartment, good health... I'm SO unfathomably lucky and fortunate!!

My blog, unfortunately, has not seen so much of this love.

I have post after post of potential entries that have never fully come to fruition, but hopefully, I'll eventually become more proactive in finishing each of them (in good time..of course)


ps-I think the vegan turkey pic is pretty dynamite... :)