Thursday, March 19, 2009

Up and Down or A Climbing I Will Go...

(thinking out loud)

I always try to concoct long, epic blog posts. Yet, what usually happens is that I run out of time to finish or halfway through, I decide that it sounds ridiculous and I don't post it.


Since it is important to me to be documenting my life here...and hopefully interesting to anyone who reads this, I'm going to try a new strategy of posting smaller bits and pieces more frequently.


Tomorrow I am going climbing (finally), and I couldn't be more excited!! I feel incredibly thankful to have found an online community of climbers who have made me amazingly welcomed into their circle. I haven't been climbing in a couple of months, so it will certainly be challenging.

*I promise to post pictures :)*

This is one of the walls that I will probably be climbing. The wall is about 15 meters high and unlike all of the man-made walls that I have climbed, this one is outside!


Noah said...

Patty, that sounds highly adventurous, but what if you fall :-O

Anonymous said...

where's that then!? Can I go there!? Paul