Monday, March 2, 2009

heart and Seoul...

Before I left for Seoul, I said that I was going to try and blog pictures and videos...blah blah blah.

And now..two weeks into my Korean city-life, and I have not blogged ONCE!

So far, here are 15 things about Koreans that I have learned:

15)It is completely acceptable to be an alcoholic here.

14)If you don't watch your back, you will get hit by a bicycle.

13)While you are looking over your shoulder to dodge a possible bicycle injury, you will either walk into someone who is playing with their cell phone or listening to music.... or you will step on pigeon. '

12)When ordering something without meat, fish, eggs or will be stared at like you ordered a salad without lettuce, vegetables or salad dressing.

11)Koreans LOVE gear. Example: If you are hiking, every Korean will have the gadgetiest backpack, the most tricked-out hiking shoes, and a walking stick.

10)If you are hiking, no matter how good of shape you are in, you will get passed by a Korean that is at least 70 years old.

9)Korean men LOVE western girls, but they will barely talk to you.

8)Korean children are not only beautiful and amazingly cute, they are also ridiculously intelligent.

7)Korean women are gorgeous. The end.

6)K-pop is bigger than Britney Spears.

5)Kimchi is magical.

4)While there are driving schools here, EVERYONE drives erratically and over-aggressively. If you have ever watched the Harry Potter movie scene of when Harry is riding in the bus, that is exactly how I feel whenever I take the bus...

3)A fire-show at a random, everyday bar is not uncommon...even on a week-night.

2)Koreans are incredibly hard-working.

1)Koreans are very will never know what kind of restaurant/bar/grocery store/stationary store/animal hospital/driving range that you could possibly find on a floor of a high-rise building.

So far, my experiences here have been absolutely amazing and I am so thankful that I decided to do this. While my heart is so deeply tied to Nashville (in so many ways), I fall more in love with Seoul everyday...


Lacey said...

seriously made me laugh out loud. gosh i wish i could have seen some of this happen.

i miss you. i am in atlanta this weekend for a little get-a-way. i will write you a very overdue e-mail.... now. :)

love you

jeanette said...

i love when you blog. i think it's your duty as my sister to keep me informed of you're adventures. every day. maybe even twice a day.


Gabby said...

Definitely made me laugh out loud! ;)

Yay! I'm so happy for you!!!

patty and the beanstalk said...

Awww...I feel so loved! Thank you for the comments :)

Katie said...

haha! i've just discovered your blog and i could HEAR you say the number about stepping on a pigeon and i snorted my honey bunches of oats through my nose. hahaha!

Taylor said...

I feel like I need a top ten (whatever number) list now. Very good stuff.