Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I feel strange. The feeling is somewhat like noticing sticky hands; you wonder how it is even possible to acquire a random substance that coats the delicate skin between the fingers.

The hand stretches and the fingers attempt to part from each other, peeling slowly in opposite directions. Meanwhile your eyeballs shift around all of the surfaces that the hands could have possibly touched, trying to assess what could have caused the foreign, finger-filth (sorry.. I'm a sucker for alliterations).

I don' t know what to say or do or how to even begin formulating a plan in my seemingly weak thoughts.

I feel like I've consumed cup after cup of coffee... that I slept on my neck in a contorted way... that I stubbed my toe... or that hit my elbow right on the most sensitive tip of the joint. The news came to me as a shock.. but now my heart simply feels like it has a bad head cold.

Surely this post sounds dramatic..but truly this is what I'm experiencing in my life right now and this is my small attempt to blog more often.

I do know, inside and out, that just as it is easy to wash off sticky fingers, situations always have a way of cleansing themselves...